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Marriage License | Firearms License

Marriage License

HOURS: Monday – Friday (8:00am-4:30pm)

It is suggested that you call (229) 268-4217 to make an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome but there may be a lengthy wait without an appointment. Without an appointment it is first come first serve.

No applications made outside of the Dooly County Courthouse.

ID Required: For applicants over 18 years of age ONLY: Court will  accept suitable proof of ID – Certified Copy of Birth Certificate with seal / valid Georgia Driver License / valid Georgia ID Card issued by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services/ valid out of state Driver License, or valid out of state ID Card issued by the DMV / current military ID with photo. For applicants under 18 see Age Requirements below: AND

Applicants must have either an originally issued Social Security Card not defaced in any manner or a print out from the Social Security Administration. (No metal or laminated cards accepted.)

IF Married previously – DIVORCE – Must have a certified copy of the last divorce decree signed by the judge. (Court will not accept complaint, unsigned copy of decree, settlement etc.)

IF Married previously – DECEASED – Must have a certified copy of the Death Certificate. (No photo copies accepted)

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age without parental consent or must be at least 16 or 17 years of age with both parents consent or legal guardian(s).  AND

Under 18 must provide the following:

Must have a birth certificate issued within 45 days of application. (No exceptions)

Parental Status: 

Married - Both parents must personally appear with proper photo identification.

Divorced - Both parents must give consent regardless of custodial parent status.

Never Married - Child never legitimated - Only mother's consent required with birth certificate issued in the last 45 days.   Child legitimated - Both parents must give parental consent.

Legal Guardian(s) - May give consent with proof of guardianship and photo identification.

NOTE:  Parent(s) / Guardian unable to personally appear in court due to illness or infirmity may submit a notarized affidavit  AND a notarized affidavit from attending physician along with photo identification.

 All documents must be in English. Translations are available from the INS of birth certificates etc.

The Probate Judge will be glad to perform marriage ceremonies by appointment at no charge.

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Firearms License

Click here for an indepth guideline to obtaining a firearms permit.

Basic Requirements

  1. Must be at least 21 years old
  2. Must be a resident of Dooly County to apply locally
  3. Must provide picture ID (Driver’s License or State issued ID)
  4. Must not be on probation for any offense
  5. Must submit to Criminal History Background check
  6. Must be fingerprinted
  7. Must submit to Mental Health Records check
  8. Applicant must not have any disqualification to receive license


  1. Applicant must appear personally at the Probate Court Office during regular business hours to complete application
  2. Applicant must pay the application fee of $60.00 at the time of making the application. The application fee may be paid by either cash, money order or personal check. (Any personal check received that is not valid will result in the revocation of the license until paid in full.)
  3. License will be mailed to applicant at the address provided.
  4. Note: No refunds will be issued once the application process has been initated.

New Applicants:

  1. Must pay an addition $24.00 (which is required in a money order (preferably a postal money order) made payable to G.C.I.C. for a complete criminal history background check maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. (This payment must be a money order or cashier check. The G.B.I. will not accept any other method of payment.)
  2. Applicants will complete application at the Probate Court Office then be responsible for obtaining the criminal history background check from the Dooly County Justice Center.
  3. After the background check has been completed the Dooly County Justice Center will return the application to the Probate Court for further review. The court will mail eligible applicants the license.

Renewal Applicants:

  1. Must make an application the same as a new applicant
  2. The renewal application fee is $18.00 payable in either cash, money order or personal check.
  3. A timely renewal requires only the check of State criminal and mental health records through the Georgia Crime Information Center. All renewals not made in a timely fashion will require the new applicant process including the $24.00 additional fee.

Any lost or stolen license may be replaced upon payment of $5.00 fee and the fingerprint on the index finger. A sworn statement that the license has been lost or stolen is required. If the license was stolen, the theft must be reported to the law enforcement where the theft occurred. The court will require a copy of the report. The prior license will be revoked by Court order, which will be reported to the Dooly County Justice Center.

Upon receipt of the backgrounds check and the mental health records, the records will be reviewed for eligibility. If eligible the license will be issued. Note: The Dooly County Probate Court has no control over the length of time required by the F.B.I. and G.B.I for criminal history checks and mental health record checks. For new applicants this process can take up to six months; for renewals this process is usually less than thirty days. The Court can’t issue a license until all checks have been completed.

Ineligible Persons:

  1. Pending Criminal Charges – Any person who is fugitive from justice or whom proceedings are pending for any felony, forcible misdemeanor. Or violations of Code Sections 16-11-126 (carrying a concealed weapon), 16-11-127 (carrying a deadly weapon to or at public gatherings), or 16-11-128 (carrying pistol without a license) is ineligible to receive a license until such time as the proceedings are adjudicated.
  2. Felony Conviction(s) – Any person convicted of or placed on probation as a first offender for a felony offense by a proper court is ineligible to receive a license, unless the person has (1) received a pardon which expressly authorizes the receipt, possession or transport of a firearm, (2) received from the Board of Public Safety relief from disabilities, or (3) been discharged from the first offender probation without adjudication of guilt. The pardon, relief or discharge must be exhibited to the Court. The applicant must have been free of supervision for not less than five years for non-forcible felony convictions or not less than ten years for forcible felony convictions.
  3. Drug Convictions – Any person who has been “convicted” of any offense arising out of the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession or use of a controlled substance or dangerous drug is ineligible to receive a license, unless that person has been pardoned. Note: for purposes of drug offenses only, “conviction” includes a plea of guilty, a finding of guilt by a court of competent jurisdiction, the acceptance of a plea of nolo contendere, or the affording of first offender treatment. This includes a person that has completed first offender probation and been discharged without adjudication of guilt for an offense involving illegal drugs. Only a pardon is sufficient to grant eligibility to a person with a drug conviction.
  4. Misdemeanor Conviction – Any person who has been convicted of a forcible misdemeanor is ineligible to receive a license until the person has been free of restraint or supervision for at least five years.
  5. Other Convictions – Any person who has been convicted of an offense under Code Sections 16-11-126 (carrying a concealed weapon), 16-11-127 (carrying deadly weapon to or at public gatherings), 16-11-128 (carrying pistol without a license) is ineligible to receive a license until the person has been free of restraint or supervision for at least three years.
  6. Mental Health Hospitalization – Any person who has been hospitalized as an inpatient in any mental hospital or alcohol or drug treatment center within five years prior to the date of the application is ineligible to receive a license, unless the Judge, in his discretion, issues the license after consideration of the circumstances surrounding the hospitalization and any recommendation by the superintendent of the hospital or treatment center where applicant was a patient.

Further, under the Gun Control Act… Any person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence is ineligible to receive a license, unless the person has received a pardon or relief from disabilities.

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